Elections and Referendums Project

Plebiscite on same-sex marriage: FAQ

The federal government plans to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage before the end of 2016. This page provides answers to common questions such as 'What is a plebiscite?', 'Could same-sex marriage be introduced without a plebiscite?' and 'What are the positions of the major parties?'.

Referendums in Australia: FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the history and conduct of referendums in Australia.

Referendums in Australia: General resources

A range of referendum resources available online.

2013 referendum on local government recognition (abandoned): FAQ

In 2013 the federal Labor government abandoned a proposed referendum on the constitutional recognition of local government.These FAQs serve as an information resource for readers interested in the issue.

2013 referendum on local government recognition (abandoned): Resources

Links to various information and opinions about the abandoned local government referendum, including key reports, newspaper articles and research.