Comparative Constitutional Law

High Court of Australia

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court of Canada

Supreme Court of New Zealand

United Kingdom Supreme Court

France: Conseil Constitutionnel

Federal Constitutional Court of Germany

Italian Constitutional Court (Corte Costituzionale della Repubblica Italiana)

Constitutional Court of Spain (Tribunal Constitucional de España)

Supreme Court of Israel

Constitutional Court of South Africa

Supreme Court of Ghana

Supreme Court of Kenya

  • Link:
  • Description: The Supreme Court is the highest court in Kenya’s judicial hierarchy, and has appellate jurisdiction to hear cases involving the interpretation and application of the Kenyan Constitution.
  • Language: English
  • Full-text? Yes, available at: (choose ‘Specific Search’, then ‘Use Extra Search Criteria’, then select ‘Supreme Court of Kenya’ in the Court drop-down field). N.B. Only a small number of Supreme Court cases are available.

Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong

Supreme Court of Japan

Judicial Yuan (Constitutional Court) of Taiwan

Constitutional Court of (South) Korea

  • Link:
  • Description: The Constitutional Court is a specialized court that is empowered, inter alia, to adjudge the constitutionality of laws and to otherwise interpret and apply the Constitution.
  • Language: Korean (English summary translations available)
  • Full-text? Only English summary translations, available at: (choose ‘Decisions’, then ‘Search’). Decisions available from 1998. Full-text Korean decisions available via

Supreme Court of India

  • Link:
  • Description: The Supreme Court is the highest court in India’s judicial hierarchy. It has original jurisdiction in disputes between the Government of India and one or more of its States, and in the enforcement of Fundamental Rights in India’s Constitution; it also has appellate jurisdiction in, inter alia, questions of law as to the interpretation of the Constitution.
  • Language: English
  • Full-text? Yes, available at:


Parliament of Australia

United States Congress

Parliament of Canada

New Zealand Parliament

United Kingdom Parliament

European Parliament / Council

French Parliament (Parlement Français)

German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag)

Italian Parliament (Parlamento Italiano)

Spanish Parliament (Cortes Generales)

Israeli Parliament (Knesset)

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

Parliament of Ghana

Parliament of Kenya

Legislative Council of Hong Kong

Japan: National Diet

Taiwan: Legislative Yuan

National Assembly of South Korea

Parliament of India

European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Justice

UN Bodies

African Union institutions

Inter-American institutions


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