IPC engaged UNSW academics for newly released report into the informal release practices of NSW agencies

On 30 May 2022, the NSW Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) announced that research would be undertaken to assess the use of informal release pathways by NSW agencies.

To this end the IPC engaged academics from UNSW to create the report. The new report was authored by Lyria Bennett Moses, UNSW Allens Hub Director; Janina Boughey, Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law member and Brad Marzol, UNSW student and research assistant.   

The key research questions in this report focus on:

  • the current informal release reporting practices both nationally and globally; 
  • responsibility, documentation practices and outcomes in current agency practices;
  • a list of recommendations pertaining to questions on improvements to existing practices and reviewing other contextual practices to inform changes.

These changes can be used to facilitate measurement, assessment and ongoing evolution in the current practice framework being utilised. 

For more information, you can now read the full report online here.

To read the IPC's response to this report, click here.