Gilbert + Tobin Centre members release Expert Analysis of the 'Official Yes/No Cases' for the Voice

Gilbert + Tobin Centre members Professor Gabrielle Appleby, Associate Professors Sean Brennan and Paul Kildea have recently released a resource to help the public navigate the ‘Official Yes and No Cases’ that are currently being posted to every Australian voter ahead of the Voice referendum.

This analysis reveals that the Yes pamphlet’s claims are accurate – that is, they are based on facts and the historical record, as well as research in relation to policy development in Indigenous affairs. Where more general claims are made, they are supported by research.

In contrast, the No pamphlet’s claims are largely misleading, that is, the claims are out of context, with relevant information omitted, or imply something that is incorrect. Further, many of the claims are inaccurate, that is, they are not based on the facts and the historical record. Other general claims in the No campaign are unsupported by research in the relevant areas.

You can read the full report here. For a wrap-up on The Conversation, see here.