Responsive Judicial Review? A Global Judicial Dialogue

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This event will be held in hybrid mode in the UNSW staff common room (level 2, Law & Justice Building, UNSW) and online via Zoom. Please indicate your attendance preference on checkout.

Apex courts worldwide are charged with interpreting quite different constitutional documents, and in very different social and political contexts. Yet they face a range of common challenges – including the challenge of situating their role within the context of a commitment to democracy and constitutionalism. This seminar explores how they approach this dilemma, and what if any guidance they can gain in doing so by thinking about their role through a “responsive” constitutional lens.

Hosted by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law and ICON-S Australia-New Zealand, it features Professor Rosalind Dixon in conversation with Justice Stephen Gageler (High Court of Australia), Justice Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud (Chief Justice of India), Justice Luís Roberto Barroso (Supreme Court of Brazil) and former Justice Manuel Cepeda (Constitutional Court of Colombia), about her forthcoming book Responsive Judicial Review: Democracy and Dysfunction in the Modern Age and will be chaired by Professor Lisa Burton Crawford.