Public Law Responses to COVID-19

Over the next few months, the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law will be running a series of webinars discussing the impact on and responses of public law to the COVID-19 pandemic. These webinars will be collaborative exercises, drawing on the expertise of members of our partner Centres, our colleagues from universities and institutes across Australia, and legal professionals, as well as Centre members, affiliates, and alumni. They are also designed to complement the special series on COVID-19 and Public Law curated by the Centre on

Click on the webinar title below for more details:

Webinar #1: Lessons (or Cautions) from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan 15 May 2020 (recording)

Webinar #2: COVID-19 and Cruise Ships 29 May 2020 (recording)

Webinar #3: COVID-19 and COVIDSafe 12 June 2020 (recording)

Webinar #4: COVID-19, Human Rights Restrictions and Proportionality 26 June 2020 (recording)

Webinar #5: Elections and COVID-19 3 July 2020 (recording)

Webinar #6: COVID-19 and Federalism: Seeding Chaos or a More Effective Response? 24 July 2020 (recording)

Webinar #7: Fairness in Virtual Courtrooms 14 August 2020 (recording)