Launch: Feminist Judgments/Critical Judgments Project Website

The G+T Centre is extremely pleased to be launching the Feminist Judgments/Critical Judgments Project website

Bring your wonderful selves and a glass of sparkling wine, water, or whatever you fancy to toast the launch and is the most appropriate for your time of day.

The website is a “rolling” (that is, regularly updated) online repository, or clearing house, for the various feminist and critical judgment projects that have been and are being developed around the world. It is inspired by the many fantastic online resources that are already available for the individual feminist (and more broadly critical) judgments projects. It includes links to the projects themselves, whether completed or in development, commentary and extensions of the projects, and teaching resources that have been developed using the projects.

Please join us for an evening to celebrate the launch of a website that will bring together this terrific work of global scale. It is our hope that the new website will make the individual pages more discoverable, and thus more frequently visited, spreading the projects even further!

We will be joined by the Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC, one of Australia’s leading and inspiring feminist jurists and legal reformers, and Dr Nicole Watson, one of the editors of the recently launched Indigenous Legal Judgments Project.

We hope to see many of you there.