The Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law in the Faculty of Law plays a prominent, independent role in public debate on issues vital to Australia's future including Charters of Rights, federal reform, reconciliation and native title, refugees and migration law and the challenges of responding to terrorism. The Centre is a focal point for research and discussion of these and other questions of public law for the academic, professional and wider community. The Centre's Members, Postgraduate Students and Visitors seek to actively engage with government, the legal profession and broader community through research, teaching, media and consultancy work and events including conferences and seminars.

Latest news

20 May 2015

Rosalind Dixon and George Williams make a submission to the Independent Reviewer on a review of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic)

18 May 2015

Pre-orders available for a new book NativeTitle From Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? published by Federation Press and edited by Sean Brennan, Megan Davis, Brendan Edgworth and Leon Terrill

18 May 2015

George Williams writes in the Sydney Morning Herald on whether Australia should follow the Irish example of holding a referendum on same-sex marriage

11 May 2015

Gabrielle Appleby writes in the New York Times on Abbott's treatment of asylum seekers

6 May 2015

Gleebooks event: Megan Davis and George Williams in conversation with Aden Ridgeway

6 May 2015

Pre-orders available for Ben Golder’s new book Foucault and the Politics of Rights published by Stanford University Press


March 2015

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