Social Justice Interns

Since its inception, the Centre has participated in UNSW Law’s Social Justice Internship Program which is offered as a course for academic credit to undergraduate students. The course enables later year undergraduates and JD students to spend one day a week with one of the Centres based at the Law School. Enrolment is by application only and generally only one position is available per semester. Over a semester, efforts are made to involve the intern in as many Centre projects as possible. A range of opportunities arise, helping the Centre stay on top of High Court developments, make submissions to public inquiries, update and improve web-based project resource pages and so on, and interns develop skills in writing and research about contemporary legal developments. The exciting thing about the internships is that neither the student nor anyone at the Centre can really predict the work they will have an opportunity to perform – it depends a lot on what happens in government and is decided by the courts.

The Centre has had the good fortune to work with a stellar group of students over the years and we are always grateful for their enthusiasm and dedication to the task. Here is a full list of interns since the Centre’s inception.

Sam Lee (semester II, 2018)

Maximus Jones (semester I, 2018)

Aaron Taverniti (semester II, 2017)

Nakul Bhagwat (semester I, 2017)

Andrew Roberts (semester II, 2016)

Brigid McManus (semester I, 2016)

Anna Rienstra and Jade Bond (semester II, 2015)

Pras Ramkumar (semester I, 2015)

Christabel Richards-Neville (semester II, 2014)

Agnieszka Deegan (semester I, 2014)

Nesha Bala (semester II, 2013)

Lyndon Goddard (semester I, 2013)

Jennifer Goh, Errin Walter (semester II, 2012)

Emily Burke (semester I, 2012)

Fiona Chong (semester II, 2011)

Robert Woods (semester I, 2011)

Melissa Chin (semester II, 2010)

Emily Collett (semester I, 2010)

Richard Kraus (semester I, 2009)

Ben Teeger (semester II, 2009)

Jemma Hollonds (semester I, 2008)

Talia Epstein (semester II, 2007)

Ya'el Frische (semester I, 2007)

David Hume (semester I, 2006)

Allison Rickett (semester II, 2006)

Frances Foster-Thorpe (semester I, 2005)

Lara Kostakidis-Lianos (semester II, 2004)

Michael Walton (semester I, 2004)

Katherine Fallah (semester II, 2003)

Nicholas Hume (semester I, 2003)

Vanessa Bosnjak (semester II, 2002)

Iain Gentle (semester I, 2002)

Paul Kildea (semester II, 2001)

Melissa Lewis (semester II, 2001)