General Resources

Australian Electoral Commission 

This website contains all of the statistical information collected by the AEC relating to the various referendums. It includes a table of dates and results from 1906 to 1999, a table of the costs of each referendum, a table presenting the rates of voter turnout, and detailed information about the 1999 referendum including background, statistical results and surrounding issues, such as relevant litigation. 

Parliament of Australia - Australian Referendum Information: General and Historical

This comprehensive site contains links to some useful articles, all relevant websites, referenda results and key documents.

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs – Inquiry into Constitutional Reform

This inquiry, tabled in June 2008, builds on the discussions of the governance session of the 2020 summit. It analyses the following; the legal machinery for altering the Constitution, the length of Parliamentary terms, federalism, constitutional recognition of Indigenous people, and citizenship and rights.

Republic Referendum 1999 – the official site

The site has been archived by the National Library of Australia and is available through the catalogue.

House of Representatives – Referendum on the establishment of a republic

Contains links to all of the relevant Bills and Explanatory memorandum.

Australian Parliament House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs Report - Constitutional Change Select sources on constitutional change in Australia 1901-1997

This site contains an annotated constitution showing all proposed changes and alterations, a report on the History of Australian Referendums, and a select bibliography for further reference.

Parliamentary Research papers – The Politics of Constitutional Amendment

This paper by Scott Bennett provides facts and figures about previous referenda, discusses systemic difficulties, political aspects of constitutional change and the influence of voters.

Parliamentary Research Paper - From constitutional convention to republic referendum, a guide to the processes, issues and participants

This paper by Prof John Warhurst aims to be a guide to the participants, issues and processes in the debate leading up to the constitutional referendum to decide whether Australia will become a republic. While there is some discussion of the debate about the preamble this paper is not meant to be a guide to that issue. It concentrates particularly on the years 1998-1999, especially from the February 1998 Constitutional Convention (CC) to April 1999, in the lead-up to the November 1999 referendum.

Parliamentary Research Paper - The Origin of Commonwealth Involvement in Indigenous Affairs and the 1967 Referendum

This paper is a discussion by Dr John Gardiner-Garden of the 1967 Referendum and the surrounding political and legal context.

Reconciliation Australia – Resources on the 1967 Referendum

This site contains a fact sheet, a series of profiles of women who campaigned during the lead up to the referendum, resources for teachers and students, a reading list and a collection of “perspectives,” brief essays of the referendum and its personal effects.

Parliamentary Research Brief - The 1967 Referendum History and Myths

This report by John Gardiner-Garden discusses the practical and symbolic significance of the referendum.

Parliamentary Handbook Chapter 5 Referendums and Plebiscites