Centre Director


Associate Professor Sean Brennan is the Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law and teaches and writes mainly in the areas of constitutional law, native title and Aboriginal land rights. After graduating from the Australian National University, he was a judge's associate in the Federal Court. He then worked with various Aboriginal and other community organisations and in the Commonwealth Parliament’s research service, before joining the UNSW Faculty of Law in May 2002. He is the Director of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre’s Indigenous Legal Issues Project and earlier, between 2002 and 2005, was Director of the Centre’s Treaty Project. He is the author of Blackshield & Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory (Federation Press, 6th ed, 2014) (with Andrew Lynch and George Williams), Indigenous Legal Issues: Commentary and Materials (Thomson Reuters, 4th ed, 2009) (with Heather McRae, Garth Nettheim, Thalia Anthony, Laura Beacroft, Megan Davis and Terri Janke) and Treaty (Federation Press, 2005) (with Larissa Behrendt, Lisa Strelein and George Williams).

He is also co-editor of Native Title from Mabo to Akiba: A Vehicle for Change and Empowerment? (Federation Press, 2015) (with Megan Davis, Brendan Edgeworth and Leon Terrill).