Centre Associates

Centre Associates are people who are either actively involved in the project work of the Centre or are engaged in research and activities which share common outcomes.

Tony Blackshield AO, Visiting Professorial Fellow, LLM Syd

Dominique Dalla-Pozza, Lecturer, ANU College of Law, BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) Syd PhD UNSW

Megan Davis, Professor, BA LLB UQ, LLM PhD ANU

Arthur Glass, Senior Visiting Fellow, BA LLB PhD Syd

Cassandra Goldie, CEO, ACOSS, B Juris LLB (Hons) UWA, LLM Dist UCL, PhD UNSW

Janice Gray, Senior Lecturer, BA LLB Dip Ed MA UNSW

Devika Hovell, Associate Professor, Department  of Law, London School of Economics, BA LLB (Hons) UWA, LLM NYU, DPhil Oxon

Jill Hunter, Professor, BA LLB UNSW, PhD Lond

Jane McAdam, Professor, BA (Hons) Syd, LLB (Hons) Syd, DPhil Oxon 

Garth Nettheim AO, Emeritus Professor, LLB Syd, AM Tufts

Rosemary Rayfuse, Professor, LLB Queens, LLM Cantab, PhD Utrecht

Alex Reilly, Associate Professor, University of Adelaide, BA (Juris) LLB (Hons) Adel, GDLP SA, LLM British Columbia

Ben Saul, Professor, University of Sydney, BA (Hons) LLB (Hons) Syd, DPhil Oxon

Jeremy Webber, Visiting Professor, BA British Columbia, LLB,  BCL McGill, LLM Osgoode