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January 2012


Piers Akerman, Nicola Roxon has embraced politically correctness by promising new laws will be scrutinised to meet the UN standardThe Sunday Telegraph, 8 January 2012

The right to common sense, The Australian, 6 January 2012

Kirsty Needham, Greens in push to axe ASIO child checks, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 January 2012

The case for trusting the judgment of parliament, The Australian, 5 January 2012

Patricia Karvelas, Laws to face human rights check, The Australian, 4 January 2012


Natasha Rudra, ACT in defence of trials by jury, The Canberra Times, 24 January 2012

Cell-made man equipped to tackle jail challenge, The Canberra Times, 14 January 2012

December 2011


Leo Shanahan, Roxon sizes up lawsuit against Big Tobacco companies, The Australian, 14 December 2011

Sue Dunlevy, Nicola Roxon disappoints bills of rights supporters, The Australian, 14 December 2011

Sue Dunlevy, Nicola Roxon says no to bill of rights, The Australian, 13 December 2011

November 2011


Stuart Rintoul, Occupy Melbourne tents banned, but test case set, The Australian, 12 November 2011

Courts should decide penalties, The Age, 10 November 2011

Tamar Hopkins, Police searches need new profile, The Age, 8 November 2011


Natasha Rudra, Govt drops appeal against bail ruling, Canberra Times, 7 November 2011

October 2011

Federal issues

Janet Albrechtsen, The real injury is to free speech, The Australian, 26 October 2011.

Dan Oakes, Bill of rights: 'Be careful what you wish for',Sydney Morning Herald,3 October 2011.


Jason Dowling and Dewi Cooke, Agencies split over eviction, The Age, 28 October 2011.

Anna Brown, Civil rights and crossing the line, The Age, 26 October 2011.

Michelle Griffin, Voiceless now speak in their own words, The Age, 22 October 2011.

Stuart Rintoul, Peter Faris joins village fight for the right not to party, The Australian, 12 October 2011.

Farah Farouque, Hulls urges Baillieu to keep human rights laws intact, The Age, 8 October 2011.

September 2011

Federal issues

Spencer Zifcak, Fine examples of Orwellian double-think, The Australian, 23 September 2011.

Victorian Charter

MomcilovicHigh Court decision

Spencer Zifcak, Fine examples of Orwellian double-think, The Australian, 23 September 2011.

Helen Irving, The High Court of Australia kills dialogue model of human rights, The Australian, 16 September 2011.

Mark Moshinsky, Looming review should consider rights charter benefits, The Age, 11 September 2011.

Chris Merritt, High Court rules for key Charter provision, The Australian, 9 September 2011.

Farah Farouque, High Court ruling could force change to state drug laws, The Age, 9 September 2011.

Review of the Charter

Chris Merritt, Charter ‘support’ has to be queried, The Australian, 23 September 2011.

James Allan, Ted Baillieu should listen to his committee not human rights lobbyists, The Australian, 19 September 2011.

Farrah Tomazin, Baillieu intervenes to keep rights charter, The Age, 18 September 2011.

Chris Merritt, Charter of Rights decision deserves ridicule, The Australian, 16 September 2011.

Farah Farouque, MPs' committee warns of human rights 'death knell', The Age, 15 September 2011.

Farah Farouque, Handle with care, The Age, 15 September 2011.

Victoria must not weaken its rights charter, The Age, 15 September 2011.

John Ferguson, Baillieu likely to 'wind back' rights charter, The Australian, 15 September 2011.

Chris Merritt, Document survives with dangerous elements removed, The Australian, 15 September 2011.

Spencer Zifcak, There's a case for review of Victoria's Charter of Rights but not abandonment, The Australian, 2 September 2011.

Chris Merritt, Victorian Premier under pressure to abolish Charter of Rights, The Australian, 2 September 2011.

Application of the Charter

Stuart Rintoul, A fight for right (not) to party at Harkaway Hall, The Australian, 26 September 2011.

Farah Farouque, Advocacy group wants stricter rules for use of pepper spray, The Age, 12 September 2011.

Prison crisis a threat to public health, The Age, 1September 2011.

Justine Ferrari, Education fees for foreign students' children 'breach' UN rules, The Australian, 16 August 2011.

ACT Human Rights Act

Louis Andrews, Watchdog may step in over bid to challenge rights law, Canberra Times, 9 September 2011.