Comparative Constitutional Law - Final Courts Round-up 2012

Court 18B, Federal Court of Australia (Queens Square, Sydney)
This is a joint event organised by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law (UNSW) and AACL
5.30 pm
Tue, 2012-12-11

This event will provide an outline of recent constitutional developments in three jurisdictions – the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States – that are of key interest to Australian constitutional lawyers.  Experts from each jurisdiction will report on two or three major constitutional cases argued or decided over the last year; changes in the composition and politics of each country’s highest court; and flag the state of debate over constitutional reform. Together, the panellists will also discuss the potential relevance of these comparative developments for current issues in Australian constitutional law.


Professor Fiona de Londras (Durham University)

Assistant Professor Vanessa MacDonell (University of Ottawa)

Professor David Cole (Georgetown Law Center)


Professor Rosalind Dixon (UNSW)