2017 Public Law in the Classroom Workshop

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Tyree Energy Technologies Building and Law Building, UNSW Kensington Campus
Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, UNSW and Public Law and Policy Research Unit, University of Adelaide
10.30 am - 4.00 pm
Thu, 2017-02-16

We were delighted to announce the third Public Law in the Classroom workshop. After the very positive reception for the first two workshops, we looked forward to welcoming back teachers of Australian public law in 2017.

The day was presented in three sessions, with plenty of time for discussion and sharing of practice in each. The first session examined the way in which public law theories and values shape our teaching. The second session showcased cutting edge teaching practices, techniques, and technologies, as well as research into public law teaching (see call for abstracts below). The final session was a panel discussion on the possibilities and challenges presented by the research-teaching nexus in public law.

The Program is available.

The workshop once again featured posters on new techniques for, and insights into, teaching public law. For the first time, we invited those who wish to share their teaching innovations and ideas to contribute an abstract for either a poster or a presentation during the second session, or both.

More information about the event and a Call for Abstracts for posters and session 2 presentations is available here.

Further specific information on the poster session including a link to posters from the 2016 and 2015 workshops is available here.

The abstracts for the poster sessions are available here.

Here are posters received for Public Law in the Classroom 2017:

Contemporary Constitutional Law in a Co-learning Classroom
Gabrielle Appleby, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch (UNSW)

Finding a path through the maze of Public Law: some core questions to map the way
Elisa Arcioni (University of Sydney)

When do, and when should, students study Constitutional Law in their law degrees?
Luke Beck (Western Sydney University)

Evaluating the Benefits of Public Law Internships
Laura Grenfell and Cornelia Koch (University of Adelaide)

Law, Government and Criminal Justice
Keiran Hardy (Griffith University)

The Diamond of Constitutional Reasoning
Matt Harvey (Victortia University)

Inquiry-Based Learning in Public Law: Adelaide’s Small Group Discovery Experience
Cornelia Koch and Matthew Stubbs (University of Adelaide)

From Public Law in the Classroom to the Park and Professional Practice
Suzanne Martinez (NSWYL Public Law and Government Committee)

The Impact of Integrated Learning and Assessment on the Engagement and Learning of Law Students
Manjo Oyson (Central Queensland University) and Gloricris Abbu (University of Technology, Sydney)

Indigenous Cultural Competence in Australian Public Law
Charlotte Steer (Charles Sturt University)

Judgment Writing as Assessment
Charlotte Steer (Charles Sturt University)