2016 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner

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Art Gallery of New South Wales
Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law
8.30 am - 5.00 pm
Fri, 2016-02-12

A major conference on constitutional law, the fifteenth consecutive staging of this flagship event for the Centre, was held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on Friday 12 February 2016. The event was organised by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law with the support of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law.

The conference focused on developments in the High Court and other Australian courts in 2015. The final session, Governing and Constitutional Law, discussed the interface of law, policy, politics and governing through the prism of three public offices – the Solicitor-General, the parliamentary drafter and the Attorney-General.

The conference was followed by dinner at NSW Parliament House. The guest speaker at the dinner was Mr Justin Gleeson SC, Solicitor-General for the Commonwealth.


The conference brochure General and Academic contains full details of the program.


Please click on the links below for a video webcast of each session.

Session 1: The Courts of Constitutional Law: The 2015 Term
Speakers for this session:
Mr Jeremy Kirk SC
The Hon Justice Carmel McLure
Professor Andrew Lynch

Session 2: Recent Cases
Speakers for this session:
Mr Christopher Tran
Ms Anna Mitchelmore
Dr Rayner Thwaites

Session 3: Developments from the Political Hotspot of NSW
Speakers for this session:
Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham
Ms Louise Clegg
Professor Gerard Carney

Session 4: Governing and Constitutional Law
Speakers for this session:
Associate Professor Gabrielle Appleby
Mr Peter Quiggin PSM
Mr Walter Sofronoff QC


Professor Gerard Carney, Curtin University
Duncan v NSW: the BLF case nearly 30 years on

Ms Louise Clegg, NSW Bar
ICAC v Cunneen and the Principle of Legality

Professor Andrew Lynch and Professor George Williams, UNSW
Statistics on the 2015 High Court Term

Associate Professor Joo-Cheong Tham, University of Melbourne
McCloy, Political Equality and Electoral Regulation
Powerpoint          Handout          Blog Post

Mr Peter Quiggin PSM,Office of Parliamentary Counsel
The Parliamentary Counsel and Constitutional Law
Paper                    Handout

Dr Rayner Thwaites, University of Sydney
Plaintiff M68/2015 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection


After Dinner Speech by Justin Gleeson SC, Solicitor-General of the Commonwealth