2007 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner

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Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Fri, 2007-02-16

2007 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner

A major conference on constitutional law, the sixth in a series, was held at the Art Gallery of NSW on Friday 16 February 2007. The event was organised by the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law with the support of the Australian Association of Constitutional Law.

The conference focused on developments in the High Court and other Australian courts in 2006 and beyond. It was addressed by leading practitioners, government lawyers, judges and academics.

The conference was followed by dinner at NSW Parliament House, hosted by NSW Attorney-General, the Hon Bob Debus.

Speakers at the conference reviewed the key themes and statistics of the Court.

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2007 Constitutional Law Conference and Dinner
Date Friday, 16 February 2007
Venue Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales
Session 1: The Courts on Constitutional Law: The 2006 Term
Session Audio [88 MB] 153_Session1.mp3
Speakers for this Session
The Hon Duncan Kerr SC
Dr Andrew Lynch and Professor George Williams
Professor Leslie Zines AO


Session 2: Recent Cases (2006)
Session Audio [73 MB] 153_Session2.mp3
Speakers for this Session
Sean Brennan
Kate Richardson
James Faulkner


Session 3: Panel on the Work Choices Case
Session Audio [79 MB] 153_Session3.mp3
Speakers for this Session
Peter Applegarth SC
Professor Andrew Stewart
Associate Professor Kris Walker


Session 4: The Prospects and Politics of Constitutional Change
Session Audio [80 MB] 153_Session4.mp3
Speakers for this Session
Professor Larissa Behrendt
Dr Carolyn Evans
Senator Natasha Stott Despoja



Below is the listing of Speakers and their downloadable papers. Click on the title name of the paper to download it.


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